Email Alert ${ALERT_NAME} has been triggered!
Severity level: ${SEVERITY}

The alert was triggered at ${ACTUAL_CHECK_TIME}

The values triggering the event are:


The Chart Name: ${CHART_TITLE}

You will need to update the URL link:This will only work with a guest user.

To go to the chart please click HERE.

Additional Alert Information:

Alert ID: ${ALERT_ID} 
Alert Name: ${ALERT_NAME}
Alert Visibility: ${ALERT_VISIBILITY}
Alert message: {ALERT_MESSAGE}
Alert description: ${ALERT_DESCR}

Event Scheduling:

Scheduled Check Time:${SCHEDULED_CHECK_TIME}
Actual Check Time: ${ACTUAL_CHECK_TIME}

${CHART_ID} Chart ID.
${CHART_TITLE} Chart title.
${CHART_NAME} Chart name (what is displayed for the chart in the Chart Open dialogue.)