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    Sergio Sardo

    Thanks for the update. I anyway have a problem with a customer (a big bank) where the (virtual) workstations cannot install the desktop application for very strict security rules. So they are obliged to use html interface as viewers. The "Builders" have now to re-authorize chrome every time they open iDashboards...
    Maybe there are other tricks.... to be investigated

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    Aaron Olson (Edited )


    So this weekend I did a little looking and I stumbled upon a setting in Chrome. If you put this into your browser chrome://flags/#enable-ephemeral-flash-permission set the default value from Default to Disable this might give you what your looking for


    It looks like by disabling that setting you can now add "allow" domains to the flash settings in content. chrome://settings/content/flash  

    This works for Chome 69 until the release of 71. 

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    Zach Breimayer


    I tested that and it resolved the issue.




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    Kiran Rao

    Excellent, it worked for me too !!

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